Choice of installation location

In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, circuit interference from power terminals, ground, air, temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and other machines must be fully considered during installation. The location where the machine is installed should meet the following requirements:

2.1 Ground conditions

1)The load-bearing capacity of the ground is at least 1 ton/㎡[205 lb/ft2], and the foundation thickness is at least 100mm[4.0”];2)The distance between machines is more than 300 mm;

3)The installation area must be hard and flat. If a cable trench is to be excavated, it should be excavated along the perimeter of the machine.

4)Do not place the machine on concrete blocks;

5)There must be enough space for maintenance and daily scrap cleaning.

2.2 Environment

1)Avoid sudden changes in temperature around the machine caused by surrounding air conditioners, etc.

2)Avoid being surrounded by too much dust, direct sunlight, poor ventilation, near heat sources or high humidity.

3)Choose a location with good air circulation.

3. Installation standards

1)The input power voltage of this machine is 380V (±5%). When the input voltage is different, a transformer is required. The input power supply uses a three-phase four-wire system (A, B, C, PE), and the power cord is a 4-core 4mm2 cable.

2)Do not use the power supply together with equipment that produces high-frequency noise.

3)Equipment that produces high-frequency noise includes: arc welding equipment, resistance welding equipment, high-frequency dryers or other equipment with high current fluctuations.

4)Install the machine at least 20m [66ft] away from equipment producing high frequency noise.

6)The resistance of the ground should be 100Ω or less.

7)If the machine is installed near other machines or equipment that produces high frequency noise, a separate earth terminal must be provided within 5m [16ft] of the machine.

8)If a ground leakage circuit breaker is installed in the factory floor, its induced current should be 100mA. If the current is lower than this, the power switch may turn off abnormally.