Double spindle
5-axis function
Max machining diameter: 38mm
Motorized spindle

Cross live tool 4×ER16  Live tool
Fixed angle holder (end face) 4×ER16  Fixed tool
Angle adjustment range holder ( 0-90° ) 3×ER16 Live tool

TC385-1 TC385-2

5-axis,dual spindle 5-axis,dual spindle
NC system
Lathe rated power                                          kw 25 25
Machining range
Maximum machining diameter                                  mm φ38 φ38
Maximum machining length (one-time clamping)With guide bush                                                mm 320 320
Maximum machining length (one-timeclamping)Non guide bush                                            mm 85 85
Main spindle power                                             kw 10 10
Sub spindle power                                              kw 10 10
Main spindle max through hole dia                       mm φ42 φ42
Main/sub spindle rev speed                                  rpm 6000 6000
Sub spindle max clamping dia                            mm φ38 φ38
Sub spindle max through hole dia                        mm φ42 φ42
Max tool installed qty
25 25
Main spindle tool
OD Turning tool Qty x Model                      
6✖▢16+3✖▢20 6✖▢16+3✖▢20
Side- Live tool  Qty x Model                      
3ER20+1ER25 3ER20+1ER25
Drilling dia                        mm φ16 φ16
Tapping/Threading die dia
M8 M8
Live tool rev speed               rpm 5000 5000
Live tool power                   kw 2.3 2.3
End face fixed tool Qty x Model                       
7ER20 7ER20
Drilling dia                         mm φ13 φ13
Tapping/Threading die dia
M10 M10
Angular drilling head                                          mm —— ——
Axial drilling and milling tool                            mm —— ——
Sub spingdle tool
End face fixed tool Qty x Model                     mm 5ER25 3ER25
Drilling dia                      mm φ16 φ16
Tapping/Threading die dia
M10 M10
Axial drilling and milling tool                          
—— 2ER16
Rapid feed speed                                           m/min 18(X1)24(X2/Y1/Z1/Z2) 18(X1)24(X2/Y1/Z1/Z2)
Feed motor power                                            kw 1.7 1.7
The power capacity                                             kva 25 25
Air pressure device                                  mpa 0.6 0.6
Weight                                                          kg 4800 4800
Dimensions                                      mm 3000*1450*2200 3000*1450*2200
■ Each axis uses 30 type P-precision roller guide rail and 32 type double nut C3 screw.
■ Built-in electric spindle,hydraulic clamping,ensure high precision machining.
■ Main spindle clamping is compatible with both Push forward and pull back modes, not necessary requires large diameter grinding materials.
■ Main spindle primary processing length  is 320mm with guide bush.
■ Main spindle side milling adopts ER25+ER20 with 2.3 high-power motors, combined with the spindle hydraulic brake, to improve milling efficiency and rigidity.
■ Main spindle tool holder adopts rectangular-ambulatory-plane layout,reduce machine volume,enhance the rigidity of the tool holder structure, and achieve fast tool change speed.

■ Short workpiece collector
■ Workpiece belt conveyor
■ Synchronal rotary guide bush device
■ Main spindle cross 4 axis live tool
■ Cut off tool breakage detector
■ Non guide bush

■ Angular drilling head
■ Long workpiece collector
■ High pressure pump
■ Oil mist collector
■ Chip conveyor
■ Axial drilling and milling tool