Good to know

Operational safety
Before carrying out the trial operation, you must read this manual and have a comprehensive understanding of the machine first. If possible, it is better to wait for the factory's after-sales service to arrive before the trial operation; Strictly following operating procedures can not only give you a safe working environment for operators and but also increase productivity.
Safety during installation, commissioning and maintenance
When installing and debugging the machine, pay attention to the following matters to prevent personal injury or damage to the machine:
Safety devices
Spindle speed change detection device Lubricating oil level detection device Coolant flow detection device Security door lock If the axis speed changes by more than ±15% due to overload or external influence, an alarm will occur.
Fire prevention measures
Please observe the following precautions to prevent fire:
Emergency handling
When a situation arises and requires evacuation When encountering an emergency such as fire, earthquake, or lightning and you need to evacuate, please follow these steps:
Transportation of machine
CNC lathe consists of three major components: main machine, electrical control cabinet and pneumatic power unit. In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, it is particularly convenient to transport and does not need to be disassembled.
Choice of installation location
In order to ensure the accuracy of the machine, circuit interference from power terminals, ground, air, temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and other machines must be fully considered during installation. The location where the machine is installed should meet the following requirements:
Machine tool lubrication
Carry out thorough and proper lubrication of the machine tool according to the lubrication diagram. It is recommended to use the lubricating oil types listed in the following table for lubrication.
Machine cooling
The cooling pump is a separately installed electric pump. (2)The structure of the cooling pump adopts a mechanical shaft seal and a greased dust cover ball bearing. Therefore, its
Pneumatic system
The air source is the power source of the machine pneumatic device. Users should configure specifications according to their actual conditions.
Half-year inspection
The half-year inspection is mainly for consumables that are easily overlooked and do not need to be replaced frequently. Do not ignore these inspection items, otherwise the machine may suffer serious malfunctions.