Daily inspection items





Lubricating oil level

The lubricating oil level is higher than the minimum limit line


Cooling oil

Open the cooling oil tank cap and check whether the cooling oil is sufficient


Motorized spindle cooling oil

Is the cooling oil of the electric spindle oil cooler higher than the minimum limit line?



Check whether all tools are intact and consistent with the tool numbers in the program



Clean chips from chip flutes


Warning light on the operation panel

Check if there is an alarm message displayed on the LCD screen


Other lights on the operation panel

Check the status of lights and buttons


Work lights inside the machine

Are the work lights inside the machine working properly?


Safety warning three-color light

Are the three colors of the three-color warning light normal?


Spindle fan and control box

Hold it close with your hand to check its condition.

Tool clamping

Check whether the tool installation is reliable


Tool damage

Make sure the tool is intact.


Adjustment of clamping force

Check the tightening force of the chuck


Adjustment of guide bushing

Check the clamping force of the guide bushing and material.

Main/sub spindle

Apply grease to the sliding part

Abnormal noise

Check whether the sound of the rotating part and sliding part is normal

Comprehensive inspection

Check noise and temperature.

Lubricating oil pump

Check its installation and working condition