Things to pay attention to during CNC lathe processing

(1) "Look". The size of the oil pipe light gauge must be adjusted to the appropriate size when the first piece is made to avoid excessive combing allowance; during processing, the thickness of iron filings should be checked at any time, and the tool compensation should be adjusted in time or the blade should be replaced; pay attention to whether the coolant and lubricating oil are sufficient; avoid Iron filings are wrapped around the cutter or chuck and should be cleaned up in time.


(2) "Listen". During the workpiece processing process, pay attention to abnormal noises caused by cutting, loose workpieces, machine tool abnormalities, etc. at any time, and press the "Reset" button or "Emergency Stop" button in time.


(3) "Smell". If you smell any peculiar smell from the machine tool electrical appliances or other parts during processing, stop the machine immediately and report it to maintenance personnel.


(4) "Ask". For questions or situations that you do not understand during the work process, you should consult relevant personnel in a timely manner and avoid making unreasonable opinions.


(5) It is strictly forbidden for machine tool operators to leave their posts after the machine tool is started.


(6) Interns are strictly prohibited from operating without the supervision of a master before the internship period has expired.