How to ensure the working accuracy and extend the service life of CNC lathes?

CNC CNC lathe with inclined bed is a CNC lathe with high speed, high precision and high reliability. The hydraulic chuck or nozzle is used for clamping, which makes clamping more convenient and convenient, with higher precision and less labor. The main shaft bearing structure adopts 5 angular contact bearings in the front 3 and rear 2, which is both high speed and high rigidity. The machine tool adopts 30°sliding saddle, linear guide rail, strong rigidity, fast feeding and easy drainage. The X-axis and Z-axis screw rods are arranged in the middle of the supporting plate, the supporting plate is evenly stressed, the movement is stable, the speed is fast, the tool change is fast and stable, the precision is high, the tool can be selected nearby, and the tool loading capacity is large; the operation is easy and free; fully enclosed protection , no oil or water leakage, environmentally friendly and beautiful. Good reliability, strong rigidity, high precision, long life and fast speed. It can reliably and stably complete the rough, fine and finish machining of various difficult-to-machine materials. The rotary tower knife is adopted, which has high positioning accuracy and small deformation in heavy cutting.


The oblique layout is adopted, and the bed is a hollow structure, which greatly improves the bending and torsional rigidity of the machine tool during work, and has high stability at the same time. The high rigidity and high stability of the inclined bed CNC lathe provide a strong guarantee for the high precision of the machine tool. It is mainly used for the processing of precision and complex rotary parts. It can meet the processing of inner and outer circles, stepped surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, grooves, pick threads and complex curved surfaces. It can meet the rough and finish machining of copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel and other casting and forging blanks.

In order to ensure the working accuracy of Jiecheng CNC lathe and prolong its service life, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance work on the inclined bed CNC lathe. The quality of lathe maintenance directly affects the processing quality and production efficiency of workpieces. After the Jiecheng CNC lathe runs for 500 hours, a first-level maintenance is required. Jiecheng CNC lathe maintenance work is mainly carried out by operators and maintenance workers. When maintaining, the power supply must be cut off first, and then the maintenance should be carried out according to the maintenance content and requirements.