How to solve the problem of continuous winding and cutting of chips when cutting grooves on CNC lat

  The problem of cutting and coiling is often encountered in grooving production and processing, which easily leads to poor quality of steel parts, resulting in the failure of the process to be carried out, and there is no way to improve it, and the processing efficiency is not high, which is very headache.

Usually, people's common cutting treatment measures are: increase the cutting tool, reduce the arc R of the sharp knife, reduce the cutting amount, and change the chip breaker.

Difficulty coefficient of grooving production and processing: the difficulty coefficient of internal circle/inner hole grooving production and processing is high, and drilling obstacles are easy to occur

Difficult cutting solutions: easy to vibrate (steel parts are not of high quality), long circulation time, limited tool shape (insufficient rigidity)


Features of inner hole grooving production and processing:

1. The conversion of cutting into shape is observed by high-speed digital camera:

The cutting is ejected in the required direction:

1. The cutting length of the inner hole grooving is different from that of the inner hole and the inner circle, and the cutting will be distorted

2. The distorted cutting is immediately arranged on both sides of the steel piece

3. The cutting is elongated, and it is easy to become messy (if the cutting tool is increased, the cutting will be blocked)

2. The key point of cutting processing improvement: do not block the discharge of the cutting, try to shorten the discharged cutting as much as possible, and take continuous coiling and smooth cutting as the overall goal.

Countermeasures for cutting coiling:

1. Select special tools to ensure the collet rigidity and clamping rigidity as much as possible, and basic preventive measures.

1. The processing environment does not block the discharge of the cutting, and the cutting fluid is sprayed from the inside. Note: need to pay attention to the balance of supply and demand of the cutting fluid, and also pay attention to the allocation of tools.

2. Cutting amount: increase the cutting amount and shorten the cutting Note: After increasing the speed, the coiling diameter increases and the total length decreases.


3. Tool feed rate The feed rate is set within the strongly recommended standard and does not have to be set too low. Insert chip breaker Use special tools flexibly. (Note: To maintain the stability of the cutting, the characteristics of the chip breaker are very important)


3. Blade chip breaker: flexible use of tools Note: In order to stabilize the chip, the performance of the chip breaker is very important


5. The chip is too long and easily tangled. NOTE: Length of chips


4. Woodpecker processing


(1) Woodpecker processing must be controlled to be able to break chips

Pecking machining procedure:


N1 M3 G96 S120

N2 G0X70.Z2

N3 G1Z-2.F0.08

N4 G0 W0.2

N5 G1Z-4.F0.08

N6 G0 W0.2

N7 G1Z-6.F0.08

N8 G0 W0.2

N9 G1Z-8.F0.08


(2) After chip jamming occurs, the possibility of insert breakage becomes higher due to a large change in cutting resistance

(1) Feed changes lead to chip breakage and feed changes



Procedure for feed change:


N1 M3G96S120

N2 G0X70.Z2

N3 G1Z-2.F0.08

N4 W-0.05F0.01

N5 W-0.12F0.04

N6 G1Z-4.F0.08

N7 W-0.05F0.01

N8 W-0.12F0.04

N9 G1Z-6.F0.08

N10 W.0.05F0.01

N11 W-0.12F0.04

N12 G1Z-8.F0.08

N13 G0Z5

(2) Improvement of chip clogging caused by feed fluctuations

Feed fluctuates at low feed, the chip is spiral, so it is difficult to cause clogging


Spiral chips are reliably discharged, preventing breakage of the cutter head.

Separate into shallow grooves for spiral cutting to achieve accurate discharge and avoid breakage of the cutter head

Separate into shallow grooves for spiral cutting to achieve accurate discharge and avoid breakage of the cutter head

Separate into shallow grooves for processing


It can allow the cutting to be broken during deep groove processing, and it can also ensure that the cutting discharge space is separated into shallow grooves for processing, and the short cutting length is broken.


(4) Application of wide cutter head reduces production and processing time


The cutting frequency is reduced and the processing time is reduced. After being separated into shallow grooves for processing, the cutting length can also be controlled. Even if the 6mm wide cutter head is used, the cutting is stable


(5) Chip handling is improved during transverse stretching, and chip handling performance is greatly improved.


The chip processing of cross-drawing processing is good, and the use of wide cutter heads improves cutting processing and processing efficiency.