Operational safety

Before carrying out the trial operation, you must read this manual and have a comprehensive understanding of the machine first. If possible, it is better to wait for the factory's after-sales service to arrive before the trial operation; Strictly following operating procedures can not only give you a safe working environment for operators and but also increase productivity.

1 General safety matters

(1) You must wear protective glasses and safety shoes during operation;

(2) Wear a safety helmet, and the cuffs and hems of work clothes should be fastened;

(3) Do not wear gloves during operation;

(4) The environment should be clean, tidy, and well-lit around the machine, and no other debris should be piled nearby to avoid inconvenience to the operator;

(5) Machine tools cannot be operated without safe operation training;

(6) Do not place workpieces, tools and so on on machine, especially on moving parts of the machine.

2 Safety information before operation

Before starting up, you must be familiar with the following precautions:

1)Confirm the status of the emergency stop button, various safety devices and the status of each safety door.

2)Be familiar with various safety matters and outlines.

3)How to power on and off.

4)How to cut off the main power.

5)Wear safety clothing and do not wear necklaces, ties and other accessories.

6)If you feel not well, do not operate the machine.

7)Remove unsafe elements from around the equipment.

8)Make sure there are no unnecessary items inside or outside the machine.

9)Confirm whether the amount of cutting oil and lubricating oil in the oil tank is sufficient.

10)Confirm whether the bolts in all parts are fully tightened.

11) Ensure that cutting tools and workpieces are installed correctly;

12)Confirm that the processing procedures are correct;

13)Check tool offset;

14)It’s better to run the spindle at a speed of 2000 rpm for 15 minutes before processing the parts.

3. Safety precautions during operation

1)Cutting materials need to be cleaned in time;

2)Always pay attention to the wear condition of the cutting tools and do not overcut;

3)The feed unit speed should not be adjusted too fast;

4)The safety door cannot be opened during automatic operation.

4. Safety precautions after operation

1)Press the emergency stop button first.

2)Power off the panel.

3)Turn off the main circuit breaker of the electrical cabinet.

4)Clean the chips (including cutting tools and guide rails) in the machine.

5)All unpainted surfaces on the machine (including guide rails) need to be coated with anti-rust oil (when the coolant used is water-soluble, the machine must be scrubbed thoroughly).