Safety during installation, commissioning and maintenance

When installing and debugging the machine, pay attention to the following matters to prevent personal injury or damage to the machine:

1)Only personnel with professional training or experience can operate the machine.

2)Before the machine runs a new or modified program, it must be confirmed that the contact between the material and the cutting knife is correct.

3)Never attempt any test that exceeds machine specifications. Otherwise, you are responsible for all consequences and have nothing to do with the company and agents.

4)Do not modify the control circuit without the prior consent of our company.

5)Once the machine is running, do not adjust the cutting tools or perform any work to inspect materials and workpieces.

6)Do not leave any tools or measuring instruments inside the machine.

7)When inspecting electrical parts such as transformers, drivers, etc., the main power supply must be cut off first.

8)When a fuse blows, you need to find out the cause and then replace it with a fuse of the same specification. If the model or specification is changed, it may cause damage or fire to the machine.