Fire prevention measures

Please observe the following precautions to prevent fire:

1)Always keep the machine away from fire and sources of ignition.

2)The site where the machine is placed must meet safety conditions, and safety precautions must be followed when using the machine.

3)Check the machine every day, check the lubricating oil regularly to ensure that each position is fully lubricated, and check the cooling oil circuit regularly to ensure there is no blockage and the joints are intact and firm. Check the cooling oil regularly to ensure that the cooling is not lower than the safe position of the cooling pump. Check the cooling pump regularly to prevent tiny chips from entering the cooling pump and causing safety accidents.

4)It is often necessary to remove chips and tailings from the chip box and cooling box.

5)During processing, ensure the degree of wear of the tool and confirm the injection position of the cooling oil.

6)Fire prevention measures must be taken when processing flammable materials to prevent the occurrence of fire.

7)When selecting cooling oil, please refer to this operation manual and use non-water-soluble coolant; do not use flammable coolant such as petroleum, kerosene, etc.

8)Excessive voltage can cause fire, so the specified voltage must be used.